Welcome To Columbus Parking Day!

A brief history of Columbus PARK(ing) Day

The original PARK(ing) Day began as a two-hour installation, but a few good photographs kept the idea alive long enough for it to become a movement in places like Columbus. Even as the event grows, documentation in the form of video and photography are key to its success as each year builds upon the last’s inspiration. Please remember to document not only the finished PARK, but your progress planning, setting up and tearing down. Then share them with the PARK(ing) Day community!

Thank you to all to participants worldwide who helped advance the critical dialogue around the use of urban public space! We hope you had fun and perhaps changed a few minds in the process.

As we mentioned before, we will soon begin gathering stories and images to include in PARK(ing) Day: The Book, so stay tuned for instructions on how to contribute to the unfolding narrative of this global event.

And we could always use your support for our book fundraiser! There are only three weeks left in the campaign, and even just a few dollars helps.