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We don’t want to run out of time on Columbus PARK(ing) Day!

Each year, Rebar commits hundreds of staff hours to maintain the PARK(ing) Day website, coordinate publicity efforts and promote the consistency of our mission as the project expands around the world. We also spend significant resources defending the good name of PARK(in) Day against forces that would seek to exploit the project for abject commercial purposes.

In an effort to keep this open-source design project even more accessible to the world’s urban open space advocates, we have recently made the PARK(ing) Day Manifesto and Manual available for free! Instead of charging for these resources, or placing advertising all over this site, we rely on you, the Columbus PARK(ing) Day community, to drop a little change in our collective meter. Or use your credit card like on one of those new-fangled parking machines.

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Donors at the “Visionary” level will receive a limited edition fine art print of the Columbus PARK(ing) Day icon, suitable for framing a displaying proudly in your office, studio or home.